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Lakenna Booker, Founder and Head of School 

"We always do what is best for children."

Mrs. Lakenna Booker, MAT, has an extensive background in STEM education with over a decade in urban education. She published The 5E's of Inquiry-Based Science with Teacher Created Materials, Inc. The Parkway Village community is home for Mrs. Booker, and where many of her childhood memories were made. She attended Goodlett Elementary School and graduated valedictorian from Sheffield High School in 2002. Through philanthropy from the Memphis Rotary Club, she attended Phillips Exeter Academy, a prestigious boarding school in Exeter, NH. The experience showed Mrs. Booker that education looked different in other places and that genius is relative. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration on Cell and Molecular Science from the University of Tennessee at Martin, she joined an alternative teacher licensing program through the University of Memphis, 3R's. Mrs. Booker quickly understood her purpose in life is to teach and unlock opportunity for others through the impartation of knowledge. Mrs. Booker is unapologetic about the work of starting a high performing charter school in her childhood community.  

Betty Michelle McCline,
Director of Operations

"Every minute of the school day is critical. My focus is to ensure school operations maximize instructional time..."

Betty Michelle McCline brings a wealth of experience with her formal background in Human Resources as a HR Generalist and founding experience as an Office Manager and Operations Manager from other charter networks in the city. Ms. McCline has earned a Masters of Science in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. During her tenure in charter schools, she discovered quickly her passion and drive for ensuring families have exactly what they need. The experience showed Ms. McCline parents are partners in the work of running an effective school focused on student achievement. She is overjoyed to work with the Founding Families of Memphis Merit Academy Charter School. 

Our Staff 


"We are committed to our mission."

Our Head of School will be networking this year to secure a Founding Staff absolutely dedicated to accomplishing the mission of Memphis Merit Academy. Currently, the following positions will be available: 

Schedule a meeting with our Founder to learn more about potential opportunities: 





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