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At Memphis Merit Academy Charter School, we firmly believe all students, regardless of their demographics, deserve a high-quality education. 


While Memphis Merit Academy will operate primarily on public funding, the success of Memphis Merit Academy, particularly in our start-up and founding years, depends heavily on the backing of committed, passionate donors.


Every child deserves a high-quality education.

Even with per-pupil funding from state and federal sources, there is a short fall between this revenue stream and the cost to educate a Memphis Merit Academy student, specifically relating to additional technology needs, enrichment opportunities, and general start-up operational costs.

To learn about opportunities to give to our school, contact Lakenna Booker, Founder at 


There are several upcoming opportunities in our school for supporters to volunteer during the start-up phase. Our immediate needs will be for student recruitment and canvassing. 

To learn about opportunities to volunteer with  our school, contact Lakenna Booker, Founder at

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