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Frequently Asked Questions


What is LifeWork Line? LifeWork Line is a hotline for parents and scholars to call for help on the LifeWork assigned to your scholar. Each time you call, you will have access to a licensed teacher or administrator.


When does this start? LifeWork Line will launch Tuesday, March 23, 2020. It will be available Mon. Thurs. 9AM-4PM.  

How do I access LifeWork Hotline | Virtual TeacherClick on any teacher's name! OR Click the buttons labeled LifeWork Line | Virtual Teacher

Is this mandatory? No, you may call as you need assistance with coursework. We are here to support your family in your scholar's academic success

Am I restricted to only my child's teachers time? No, you may call any time during Office Hours. 

Where do I find daily work? Scholar LifeWork was sent home prior to the break, but if your child was absent, there is a bin located in the front of the school. Also, after March 27, 2020, there will be new work posted online for your child to access. 

What resources are there for internet access?  Comcast is offering FREE internet access. If you are in need of internet access please call 1-888-846-8376 or visit by April 30. 

What do I do if I need technology? Surveys went out prior to school closure about access to technology. Depending on the timing of your request, the school may be limited in access to our building. Please call 901-617-3690 or contact Betty Mccline at 901-422-2996. 


Office Hours Schedule


Ms. V. Jackson

1st Grade Teacher 


Ms. B. Pitzer

Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. A. Smith

Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. C. Moore

1st Grade Teacher 


Mr. J. Carter

Kindergarten Teacher Fellow


Ms. N.Gooden

ELL Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher Fellow 


Ms. A. Hudson

Kindergarten Teacher


Mr. L. Williams

Kindergarten Teacher Assistant


& 4PM

Mrs. T. Kemmons-Ford

Student Supports Coordinator

Ms. A. Allgood

Special Education Assistant

Our Special Populations Team will be making individual phone calls to families. 

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